I am Rev. Deborah Dean-Ware.  I am a 42 year old woman who is a wife, mother and pastor. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2015, and this is my story told in fits and spurts.Deborah Dean-Ware



The basics:  I live in Ann Arbor, MI. I am married to Robert Dean-Ware and we have an 8 year old son, Josiah. Our household includes a 901596_10200877206993874_846754796_oFrench Bulldog (Putt Putt), two cats (Courage and Jack Phantom) and a bearded dragon (Lucy).  I am privileged to serve as pastor with Church of the Good Shepherd, United Church of Christ.




My dear friends set up a GoFundMe account to help cover medical bills.  If you are interested and willing to give, please go to Deborah’s Broken Boobies Deductible.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. How does one reply or comment on to the blog itself? I wanted to comment on the blue socks one and could find no way to do it. I’m glad I clicked back to the “About” link.
    Now about the blue socks! Hey, blue is a good color, better than tan, which my drawer is full of. Actually, they ARE useful at home, and traveling, for me. When Len was doing the “hospital dance” we got them. i kept about 6 pair. I sometimes use them when I want a lighter weight slipper-sock. I’ve given a pair to a daughter-in-law visiting and her feet were a bit cold in her slippers. I threw a pair into my suitcase to slip on at bedside or shower side when in a motel and didn’t know whether the floor/rug really was truly clean. Also when visiting Ann Arbor this spring they were my slippers! I’ve use them in my little Aliner trailer. They take up no room in the suitcase and were perfect going up and down Gale Crowfoot’s slippery wood stairs to her guest room/bathroom upstairs in the morning. I can slide them on and then slide into my “slides” that I wear outdoors or in the garage. Maybe I have more use for them because my climate is so not-very-cold and definitely not snowy. Yes, they do yell “hospital” for those in the know, but there is an up side.


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