New Blog Up and Running

It has been way too long since I have done any writing.

Too, too long…

First, I am health and happy!  My health is good, although I dramatically underestimated how long it would be for me to feel like myself again.  Of course, I will never be the same…cancer just changes you…but I feel clear headed and focused…finally.

Second, I don’t want to write about cancer any more.  So I am not gonna.  At least for now.

Finally, I have created another blog that will focus on how I believe it is time for the progressive church to become fierce and public about social justice.  For some reason, we progressives have it in our mind that church isn’t supposed to be political.  But look where that has gotten us…a Trump administration and his alt right cronies.  And for most of Christian history, the great social movements of resistance (ie the Civil Right, Abolition, Women’s suffrage movements) have been closely aligned with the church.  Some might say that Jesus was a deeply political figure….

We have been too occupied with being polite,
and not occupied enough about being heard.

So if you are interested in following my new blog, you can find it here:  The Unsilent Church: Progressive Christianity in the Alt Right World.

Thanks for reading about my cancer journey!  Your support has been such a blessing, and although I didn’t write as consistently as I thought I would, it was incredibly healing to do the writing I did while on that journey.



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